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One of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors in the spring and summer is through camping. However did you know that camping is something you can enjoy all year long. Well, ok so sleeping in a tent during the cooler night or in the dead of winter is more difficult but it can still be done and made to be enjoyable has well. That idea is just good for thought and some articles down the road. For this informational installment of the how to section we will stick to spring and summer camping.

Ok I know some of readers are going to shake your head at the idea of sleeping on the ground in a tent under the stars. You know in my time I’ve heard it all. Everything from ruffing it at hotel room without room service. To if we are not taking everything in house with us I’m not going. Normally all of those statements are led or followed by the words you’re crazy. Trust me I’m crazy and if you follow along this article I will not only have you excited but with any hope educated enough to enjoy the experience.


First things first let’s talk tents. There’s a million and one different type of tent set ups on the market today. Which means for you the shopping experience of picking out your tent is gonna be a fun one. However let me give a few important pointers to consider. First of all space, before settling on which tent you’re going to buy you need to decide just how many people will be sleeping in that tent. Then what I do is I like to up that number by at least one maybe two. There are two big reasons for this. One is extra space is always nice, but two if I end up taking an extra person or two with me on the trip I got extra room with out having to buy another tent. The second is what is called a “wash tub” or “ bath tub” bottom. If you ever get caught out in a rain storm you’ll be thankful for this feature. The reason for this is that the seem less flooring will keep you from sleeping in the mud. Now normal tents are made with some kind of water repelling or water resistant material. You can also treat them with water proof coating if you’d like.


One of the best part of camping is of course the food. When it comes to what’s on the menu the options are limitless. However put some time and thought into how you will be cooking as well as storage. Yes your gonna need a trusty cooler and ice. On a solo trip I normally employ one of those bag coolers to hold all the stuff I’ll be needing and using within a day or two. Then replenish as needed with a trip into town. That’s the system that works best for me. Through trial and error you will find what works best for you. However food safety is one of those things you should never overlook. You don’t want your trip ruined with a case of food poisoning.

Now with the public service announcement aspect out of the way let’s move on to the fun part cooking. Again you’ll decide what works best for you here too. In my opinion nothing beats cooking over an open fire. That’s how I prepare everything from food to coffee. Just don’t forget the utensils and campfire coffee pot.


There’s a lot of way to get yourself up off the ground and sleep just as comfortable as you are in that fancy hotel room. Once of the most convent ways being the old air mattress and sleeping bag trick. This is the one I employ myself. They come a million different styles too. Which again means you get the pick of the litter on what you’ll be sleeping on. With everything from a twin size basic all the way to pillow top queen size means you’ll be sleeping in luxury in your tent.

With basics knowledge of how to set up a comfortable tent camping trip your ready to get out there and enjoy Mother Nature. Do a google search for a destination and get out there this year. You just might enjoy yourself, and best of think I’m not crazy for giving you the idea.

If you’re gearing up for your first relaxing trip to your local campground, make sure to take some time to hit the trails. Since camping and hiking go hand and hand.

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