A season spent in the blind

view of a hunting blind in a forest
This has been like home this season

Waiting, that’s how most of the time is spent during any hunting trip. Well really it is what hunting teaches you to become really good at. Sure there are those couple of adrenaline filled moments if your lucky. Where you find yourself drawing back with a deer in your sights. It’s those few moments that make all of the hours of sitting around waiting worth while.

It is the idea of how much time and effort it takes to sit and just wait for the perfect opportunity that is on my mind as I sit in my blind on this cold January day. Sitting here with my heater at my feet and my bow at the ready. I cannot help but look at just as much the key aspect of hunting applies to life. The waiting game and just how many twists can be put on it. There is always a way to view it as bad. There’s a special kind of irony to waiting. One that can be see as good or bad depending on the context of what your waiting for. Yet really the underlying reason we wait at all never changes.

In reality the underlying reason we wait is for the next opportunity. In daily life it can be waiting for a promotion at work or even for the return of a loved one that we have not seen in sometime. As I write this article sitting here in the deer blind I am waiting for that deer to come strolling down the path my blind over looks. No matter the context that drives your wait there is no guarantee that the desired outcome will ever happen.

Still I find that waiting is always accompanied by the process of planning. This part is truly the key. I say this because what is worth waiting for is always worth being met with a plan. Because what happens when the wait is indeed a fruitful one, is that it has never been time wasted. It is indeed time that can be put to good use through planning.

How will you handle the time your waiting? Will you plan and walk into whatever is on the other side of the wait with a plan. My offering to you the reader here is this…make use of every second in order to prepare a few planned reactions. Be ready to act no matter what the outcome maybe.

Don’t count the grains of sand, use them to build a plan


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