Think then drink ( A water how to guide)

It looks tasty but don’t drink it yet

Did you know you can survive three days without water? It’s not really suggested you try to go those three days without it just find out. In fact it’s probably just smarter to take that fact has true you never prove to be fact. Most of us just crack open a bottle of water and never give a second thought has to drinking water and it’s safety. Well that is what we about to be doing in this article. In the event you ever find yourself in a situation where you don’t have that bottle of water the ideas in this article could just save your life.

The most basic rule when it comes to water you find in nature. Water is considered unsafe until it is treat thru a purification process. The reason for this that water is a natural breeding ground for bacteria and micro organisms along with a host of countless parasites. Which means there’s an endless list of medical conditions you run the risk of picking up from even just a couple of mouthfuls of untreated water. None of which are going be very enjoyable to contend with and if you indeed find yourself in a survival situation that much harder to achieve a good outcome. Trust me no one wants to be that person that picks up something like botulism for example because they got lazy and didn’t treat their water before drinking it.

Now we have talked about why to treat water let’s talk about how to go about doing so. There’s a number of commercial and more primitive approaches to getting safe water. The simplest primitive way is to boil your water over an open fire. This process normal takes about 15 minutes per gallon to reach a rolling boil. Once a rolling boil is achieved you will typically add another 15 minutes of cook time. This will give any pathogens time to be killed off. Then you simply allow the water to cool to a tolerable temperature. The coolest aspect of this process is the ability to add herbs that can be found around you for flavor and other benefits. Which we will cover in another article.

The commercial industry offer a number of different options that can be effective to make water safe to drink. The one that stays in all of back packs is a simple bottle of tablets. Which can pick up for under ten bucks and provide peace of mind in a pinch. These tablets work simply by popping the tablets has directed into a liter of water waiting 30 minutes and you have safe drinking water. One a side note there isn’t a pack that I own that doesn’t possess a good water container. These tablets work by chlorine into the water thus quickly killing any pathogens that may be present.

Another option that I’ve used in the past is called a life straw. These fancy straws work as a filter. They work just has the sound filtering out pathogens has you drink.

There are just a couple ideas for you to consider when gearing up for your adventure. The biggest take home point in this article is to always consider the unexpected and be prepared. Hydration is one of the core principles to survival if something goes awry in the field and a little knowledge goes along way to make it home safely. Always plan and pack accordingly. 

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