Inside tragedy

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Tragedy created a path

“ Come back. Even as a shadow, even as a dream.” – Euripides

After receiving so much meaningful feedback from episode number three of project mindfully outdoors the podcast I felt very inspired to address the the theme of the aftermath of life’s tragedy’s. If you have had the chance to take a listen the episode you can it on Spotify and all the other major podcast sites.

Facing tragedy is something that we all will do at some point in our life’s. The context of the scenario is always very personal and is something that will have a deep and lasting effect on our life’s. When theses events happen it can extremely difficult to pick yourself up and regroup. Sometimes we are fortunate and able to see them coming. Other times these events can sneak up from behind us and reek havoc on us.

I have my share of both scenarios. I can relate the loss of my grandparents to the first type. The scenario of tragedy you have time to prepare for. With out a doubt those loses both deeply effected and changed me. The story I shared durning episode three was truly an experience that I was unprepared for and have found to be the deepest life changing tragedy I have had to walk thru in my life.

Now has I stand here with varying amounts of time between this current moment and those dates of being struck by tragedy I can help but look back at them and also where I stand now. Each one of those events was a journey of its own that I have to not only walk thru but survive.

After surviving them there are elements that my life has gained and shaped who I am today. For example out the loss of my grandmother I gained my scents of self trust and endurance. When my grandfather passed I regained my love for the outdoors.

Collectively from both of their passings my values and character became exposed. Thru a divorce that was geared at destroying me I am discovering not only how strong I am at my core, but also just how who I am. Indeed it’s been a long lonely road to get to this point of self growth, however I have raised to meet each those challenges and never lost myself

Tragedy is never easy nether is change. In these moments it’s important to take comfort in knowing your not alone and time will sooth the wounds you experience. Allow yourself to feel and walk thru these events. In the moment it’s hard to do. Finding and taking hold of comfort along with just being present and holding understanding along yourself has I have found is the key.

Since this article was written on international squirrel day I’m leaving with a random squirrel picture.


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