How I deal in those moments of need

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Just allow time for your urges to float away

When the flood of urges come rushing in I know it can become the most overwhelming of moments to sit thru. In these moments where it feels has tho you don’t have the inter strength to fight them off. There is both hope and the strength to push back against them.

All it takes is a safe battle plan to come unscathed on the other side. Each time that you fight back against those urges you will become both stronger and better prepared to stay safe the next time they come calling.

Way to arm yourself and ideas to pass the time it takes for them to quite down is what I want to explore with you. I will also share my safely strategy with you in this article.

The biggest advantage you can put on your side is when it comes to staying safe is procrastination. Has my plan developed I have learned to set rules for myself and surround myself with a safe space in which I surround myself with comfortable and soothing things. When feeling overwhelmed and especially when the urge for self harm flairs up I revert to these things. First I will pull out my favorite hoodie then I crawl into my bed to hunker down. My bed and my hoodie serve remind me of my rules. I will not allow self harm in this space and they remind me of that. Next I’ll set a timer which is normally 20 minutes in length. Because it’s hard to stay still or in one place for long for me durning these fits.

If after my timer goes off the urge is still there I may then turn to a rubber band on my wrist while seeking out another safe space in which I will sit to write depending on my mood. If movement is needed I’ll head off on a walk. Again in another 20 minute interval. After that I may allow for myself to walk thru the rituals of my process however I take care to replace my “tools” with a red marker. Normally thru these process I can shake myself from the grip of my urges. I’ve found it’s always a matter of placing one more task in front of the need to harm myself that is truly the key. A line that I always tell myself is this – in order to do harm to myself I must complete “this task” before I will be willing to allow myself to complete the act.

These are just the start of things I turn to. However the list of distractions you can employ are countless. All that matters is that you try to combat and prolong things for has long has you can.


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