The new you, who knew with author David Edwards

Episode 119

On this episode of Project Mindfully Outdoors author David Edwards joins Mike Martin, to discuss the principles behind the book A new you, who knew.

In this thought provoked self help book David lays out a skill set and tools to aid you in personal development. On of my personal favorite aspects to David’s book is the layout. He presents his road map to you threw a series of building blocks, in bite size chunks. It’s done so I’m a way that easily keeps you on track.

Yes, life is messy and things happen in a way that leave you wondering what’s next. Sometimes the question of how you can influence the events around may leave you feeling stuck. The wisdom that lays within this book will put the power back in your hands to write your story.

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I open the show with a reflective story about a reason fishing trip. There was a moment while releasing a fish back into the water, that brought clarity into focus for me. It was this idea about the footprint that every moment we live leaves behind.

There’s this lasting effect that our actions play on the world around us. Regardless of how it leaves us feeling after words. What we do in the moment stays with someone forever.

It’s all about what kind of footprint you leave behind

Everything we touch collectively become our footprint

I think is a Beautiful thought to leave you with on your journey, towards the new you that you never knew was underneath whatever your still carrying. So I hope you take a listen to my conversation with David Edwards, and check out his book the new you, who knew.

Until we meet again, get out there in the wild because that where the stillness and the adventure lays….

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