A stroll down memory lane with Jack Krammer

Episode 121

Recently the campfire sparked the intrigue of the counter feminist social worker Jack Krammer. On today’s episode it’s my pleasure to present that conversation.

Jack Krammer has worn many hats, everything from an author to a voice of radio, all the way to spending years working in the corrections system. He is an advocate for the awareness of the mental of men.

One of my favorite aspects of my conversation with Jack was his approach. It was very interesting how our conversation took shape. Where I had thought going in we would be focusing on his story and work.

Our conversation took this weird twist, where he took an interest in my journey, which is a lot of our time was spent. I also really enjoy the insight and thought Jack offered to me while looking back.

While doing the production work that goes into finishing up the episode, I found myself still amazed at where I am now, considering where I was as I lived those events. Because in many ways the points that I do discuss so openly are things that I don’t normally navigate though on a regular basis.

Yet looking back upon my time with Jack I would have to say, this conversation was impactful for me personally, but it was also one of those moments that helped our camp and community to grow.

Jack Krammer

This episode was one that truly showcases just how empowering our journey makes us. We may not always see that inter power in the moment, which is why it’s so important to reflect upon the steps in which we have walked.

This may just be the words you need to hear today.

I hope you take the time listen to this episode and share it with a friend.



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