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Eposide 124

Episode 124 highlighted a much more than a very touching story, but it also showcased the wisdom we gain when we walk the path. I was joined by author and fellow Michigander Kim Sorrelle. She is the author of Love is.

While didn’t have the opportunity it read the book before our conversation. I did get the chance to sit down with the book in weeks following our talk. For myself this one of those books that I knew would difficult to work my throw the pages, given the subject matter. However I knew I was turned on it for a reason.

That reason being that a part of my journey is challenging by views about all the aspects in which I think. That sort of a mindset will present you a lot those “oh man” kind of moments.

Which is what Love is did to me. It seem as though to put myself in the pages of the book, opened up these things in me that I’ve missing. When I went through my divorces, they both built up this very bitter taste and shifted my belief system on how love honestly works, and what is truly out there to be gained for it. In many ways I think, I finally put Kim’s book down feeling challenged and inspired, to create those sort of things within my own life.

Love is …. available on Amazon

However there is much more to Kim’s work than what lays within the pages of the book. Because really the story behind the story is truly an amazing one. After losing her husband to his battle with cancer, while Kim herself was battling cancer as well. She set out on a journey, and quest to not only learn, but also understand what love is, and what it truly means.

I highly recommend checking out not only this book Love is, but also her other book Cry until you laugh. When she isn’t off on some amazing adventure, to craft into a powerful book. Kim is keep busy doing humanitarian work, and specking engagements.



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