Find your sentence of passion with Corbie Mitleid

Life has this funny was making us lose sight of who we are. With all of the different stimuli thrown at us, it so easy to get wrapped in the things we acquire, stories people tell us about ourselves.

Which is why this conversation in episode 128 with Corbie Mitlied is so perfect for this space in time. Because to begin our time together Corbie shares with us minimalist approach to living she adopted.

What make this such an important aspect we can learn from? It’s way of life that has a very powerful way of bring your value system front and center.

This sort of lifestyle isn’t something you fear. It’s a system of living that by celebrating and embracing it you truly become a student of yourself.

By trade extra space, the titles, and all the fillers, it opens up what is authentic at the core. The space you’ll find your in, is one that have you willing aligned with your core values.

I truly enjoyed getting to tap in Cobie’s wisdom and her perspective on so many different subjects. The way she as tailored her lifestyle in away that her footprint is a map that can benefit all of us. We traveled the gambit of talking point to give you so much content to digest, think about, and adapt to your everyday life.

Cobie Mitleid is a certified tarot master, psychic medium, inspirational teacher, and author.

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