Tapping into growth with Ann Hince

Episode 131

Episode 131 introduces this very interesting and unique technique. When Ann Hince joins the campfire to discuss EFT (tapping).

What we stand to learn and be able to explore through this conversation, is the physical total that carrying trauma as on us physically.

As Ann walked through the journey of mastering EFT, she experienced changes both on the inside and out. Along the way those physical changes included a shifting in her bones. What’s very impressive about the physical aspect of her journey is the backing of real proof.

I really learned a lot durning my time with Ann and I believe you will as well.

Ann Hince is the author of the book called A pathway to insight. She is also spiritual teacher and public speaker. Who is working to change the world from the inside out.

Ann has developed the ability to sense inside her body, and release physical tension stored in her connective tissue, using solely the focus of her mind. She has x-rays to show the physical changes resulting from this inner work – including changing the alignment of her eye sockets, the straightening of her neck, the centering of her lower jaw, and the growth of her tooth roots. She has also grown 1/2 an inch at the age of 55.
Ann wants us all to know that we have this incredible power within us, it just takes going further with practices that you may already be doing.

As many of you may know, changing what is on our inside, changes what we see on the outside, so it is Ann’s belief that we can not only change our personal world, but also our collective world.

Ann has a YouTube channel where she shares her journey, explains the connection between the physical and the spiritual, and will be posting videos of how to change the pressing issues of our time. Her book, A Pathway to Insight, details her journey and breaks down the steps she took to attain what she calls Insight, or the ability to see within the body.

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