Conservation of humanity with Maggie Perotin

Episode 133

One side of my family tree would make me only third generation removed from imagination to the United States from England. Which means one set of my grandparents made the journey in order to chase their dream.

By choosing that path they found themselves writing a whole new story, on foreign soil. At different stages of my I was able to hear different little snip-its of that story.

Even tho I was to young to recall most of them, I do recall the story my grandmother always liked to tell me. It was the story about why the Big Ben clock only has three working faces. I think that one stuck out so much because it was told as joke and the laughter that followed.

Well that is my personal connection behind way I was so thrilled to have this conversation with Maggie Perotin. Because Maggie immigrated from Poland and currently lives and works in Canada.

There is so much to Maggie’s story and our conversation however. Maggie is an international business coach. Who has done the work and walked the path to hone her skills.

In our conversation you will get a nice taste of a wonderful human being’s approach to life. It’s this dream, plan, do mindset that sets the bar, and impacts the world around us.

I really encourage you to have a listen or two, to my conversation with Maggie, take in her approach to being a conservation of humanity.


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    I had a pleasure to be the guest on Mike’s podcast and have this deep conversation about being your own stewart. We are all capable of advocating for our dreams with full belief and action that comes from it.

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