135. Crossing it off with Roger Williams

One of the most interesting part of this journey has to be, the meeting of and collaboration with other podcast host. Which leads me to episode 135. Because it features one of those opportunities.

I recently had the chance to do a cross promotion series of interviews with Roger Williams. Roger is the host the crossing off podcast.

Which is really this fun show that looks at life’s bucket list, a celebrates those moments of achievements that we all have. But, what I really like about Roger’s show is how he try’s to walk the back story and relive the joy and excitement of each story.

This conversation took place on the back half of back to back nights that Roger and I connected. But, it’s the back story about what Roger had on his schedule that night, that really set the tone for this one.

After we finished up he to jump on a call for his show with a couple of friends. Who he was interviewing for his show. Because their buck list moment was their wedding, it was event that Roger crashed.

That kind of gives you a glimpse behind the scenes of the kind of guy Roger is. He is very fun loving and really about capturing the joyous moments in life.

Which is really where Roger and I spend a lot of our time, retracing his journey to this very moment. Roger shares his motivation for making the jump from selling his labor to the corporate world, into putting that labor to work for himself. To create the joyful world and adventure that now fill his life.

So have a listen and then check out the crossing it off podcast. I think your really going to enjoy it.

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