Red alert !

bonfire near grass field during dawn

Red alert, it a confusing and difficult story we are each are writing. While the words are written in back and the page is white. The space we navigate isn’t. At lest most of the time we float around in this grey area.

While I know that analogy makes no difference in what your going through. This however dose. Because sometimes the thoughts we have and choices we have to to make feel like they will dive crazy. What do you do with this or that?What happens if I make the unpopular choice? Worse yet what if we get wrong?

What do we when it’s all just overwhelming? We put it to the side as if it’s the only way we can breath. We give into the cave and give into that urge to numb and disconnect from life’s pressure. No matter how that process looks, we are all guilty of doing that.

No matter how long you avoid it, what it is, it’ll still be there waiting. One of the most challenging aspects of the human experience is obstacles we encounter and have to overcome. Really that is any living thing has to face.

You can look any where around you to see this living law at play. Everything from how a deer shifts their movement patterns based on the season and perceived threats. To how a school of bait fish interact with their environment. All with goal of overcoming the threat of predators, and to stay alive.

Really all of those complex pressures and problems can be analogized to the same context. If every other living being is tackling their own set of obstacles in real time, why are you doing the same?

Maybe you don’t perceive them as moves on the chess board of life and death. You know you can’t escape them, they’ll be there when your ready. So you’ll just deal them on your terms and at your leisure.

True, they’ll be there when you get to them. But, they are in fact a pon in the game of life and death. When you allow them to move on the board something is happening. Their move is filling space in your story. A space you’ll never be able to give back.

Through avoidance you just gift wrapped, and handed over to death the most precious commodity you have. Time, which is something each of us are granted by being born. However it’s something being given over to death every second of each day and we only have so much. What’s more, is that none of know how much.

All around us we see the creatures of the world working to keep their aspect of nature in order. Living and functioning in the moment for that very reason, as Marcus Aurelius reminds us. So I ask you the question from Epictetus that I ask myself all of the time. How long are you going to wait until you demand the best of yourself?

Tomorrow is not guaranteed however right now, this moment is. Think about how often a bee is smashed by someone. Before that be was killed it was in the moment doing it’s job, to the best of its ability.

Because that moment is what he had. Stop and look at that chess board, not the hour glass. Act in this moment for your story. Demand the best of yourself, be present and proactive. Sear your mark on the moment.


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