Pick yourself as many time as you need with Stephen Milverton

Episode 138

As we enjoy this long holiday here in the states. We should keep in mind that today holds a very deep meaning. It’s one that goes beyond firing up the barbecue and celebrating the unofficial start of summer.

While the family gathers and day at the beach to celebrate offers us a great space to write some amazing memories. Today is a day to celebrate and remember the hero’s that made the ultimate sacrifice, and that’s that are still with us. Because each of them believed so strong in the message of freedom they picked up arms and protected it.

All around the world they gave blood, sweat, tears, and their life’s for our freedom. For those amazing sacrifices we say thank you, remember and honor you today.

It’s on the theme of this special day that episode 138 is my privilege to have aired. My guest on this one joins me all the way from Australia. Mr. Stephen Milverton is an empowerment coach.

Who wants to show you the power that can be unlocked within you, by facing life’s obstacles. In fact Stephen is building a community around this idea. That even when you slip there is no shame in picking yourself up and trying again.

His mission is to fight the fear and shame that comes with those sort of moments. By providing the encouragement to try and try again until you get it right.

I love Stephen’s simple message, because I’ve fallen down countless times trying to pin something down. Looking back at all of those times I can recall the shame. Or the feeling that I’ll never get over the hump. That it’s ok and expected for people and myself to give up on me, because those obstacles took so long for me to overcome.

Had Stephen and I connected at an earlier stage in the journey, the path of learning may have looked different for me. However the path of wisdom is shaped the way it bores it’s self out for each of us. What is important is the outcome.

At the end of our Unique trails is same realization. It’s not ok for you or anyone else to give up on you when your stumbling. Because you’ll get it right in the end. Those stumbles don’t define who you are. They are just scraps and bruises that hide what’s under there.

While Stephen was gracious enough to share his journey with me. We touch on so many amazingly vulnerable subjects that just make this a beautiful conversation. It’s one that I’m very proud to have the pleasure to be part of.


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