There’s a ghost of chance

view of dark hallway

It’s like we stand in front of a million little crossroads. With so many different paths to choose it can be hard to decide which one to walk. Because no matter which path you pick at anymore of time it’s significant.

The significance is the footsteps that will laid between it leads, and where you stand in that moment. While you don’t know where things will lead you. You have to own the those footsteps that will cover trail you chose.

The unknown is scary, will the be obstacles that you don’t know how to climb? Or maybe there will be some other hidden challenge you will have to meet, that your just prepared to overcome. Even harder yet, there’s an emotional storm up a head.

One that just rips at the very core of who you are. You have gotten half away down this chosen trail,and found that you left your scents of self all the way back at the trailhead.

If this finds you on one of those trails right this very minute, or it’s that sort of fear that is holding you back at the start. You have to believe, you have to believe that there is a ghost of chance. A ghost of a chance that you will be standing there at the end of trail, waiting on yourself.

As we have spoken so much about in the past every moment is changing, and shaping you. Stand still, walk, hide under a rock, it makes no difference. With every second of everyday the force of change is at play. You live in the hands of change.

Now here’s the reason you hike your pack upon your back and walk. Because each on of those tiny cross roads are a gift. They are the gift of adversity. As Seneca wrote, “that he would fear anyone who hasn’t faced adversity” so should you. Because without it we don’t know what we are capable of.

Which one sounds scarier to you? To live in fear of an proven version of yourself. Or to face and the unknown along the path of life. I can’t tell you which trail to embark upon. Because to pick an opportunity and walk it through, means you have to say no to something else. Consequently you’ll have embrace that compass sitting in your hand, in order to know what direction to walk. However, this is calling to walk.


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