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Listen to Mike Forrester on Project Mindfully Outdoors

So a few months back I had the opportunity to reconnect with my buddy Mike Forrester. Now if you have spent anytime around camp that name may sound familiar.

That is because I have been fortunate enough to feature Mike on the show a few times. Mike also played a pivotal role in my first steps of taking on my social anxiety.

Our first three conversations are a now a part of Project Mindfully Outdoors history. It was so much fun to flip roles for part four.

Since parts one through three I got highlight Mike’s story. It was only fitting that we flipped things around, and I spoke on Mike’s platform.

While this one came together in the first days of this newest chapter of my story. In fact I remember Mike being concerned with the time of our meeting. If I was in a good place to even do this interview.

While I was grateful for the concern Mike expressed. Still the timing and events that I was dealing with were not going to hold back this one from happening.

The thing I enjoyed the most about this conversation, just like every time I get to speak with Mike. Is this ability always bring out something new and different from within me.

Just the title alone that Mike chose gives you a hint about the life changing stuff we talk about. I get to touch on the journey I’ve been living walking, as well as the current chapter of life I’m in.

We spent a chunk of the time talking about the story behind the upcoming book, No one is beyond redemption. Which is my favorite aspect of our conversation.

While before the pre interview Mike didn’t even know the book was in the works. However at different points Mike has provided me words of wisdom and an ear to bounce ideas off.

In many ways Mike has been so helpful to me along the journey. That I’m so grateful that the first real deep dive into No one is beyond redemption came about on Living fearless today, and with my good buddy Mike Forrester.

So check out this interview. I’m sure your going enjoy it.


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