You have got to find yourself a Cato with Dale Walsh

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Episode 140

Episode number 140 features a conversation that was along time in the making. After weeks of scheduling conflicts I was finally able to connect with Dale Walsh. For a chat that proved to well worth the wait.

Our conversation is one that is both powerful and moving. As we moved through our talk Dale shared his battle with schizophrenia.

What you need to know about Dale is while his schizophrenia journey has been a difficult one at times. His diagnosis don’t define who he is on the stage of life.

He is a very compassionate and charismatic person. All of which shine throw, not only in this interview but also in the work he dose.

Dale is the founder of the Dale Dew Live Love organization. Which is committed to assisting others diagnosed with schizophrenia mostly, he dose help other with different forms of mental illness too.

His practice goes a step further tho. Because Dale works with families as well. To really bring everyone together. In order to help each of them not only come to grips with, but cope with path ahead of them.

If you find yourself struggling with managing schizophrenia or any other mental illness, or you would like to learn more about Dale’s work. You can visit

While it’s hard for me to pick just one moment of talking with Dale that really stuck out. If you pressed me to do so, I think there is one that very quickly comes to mind.

It’s that moment where Seneca weaved is way into the conversation. While it was only for a small phrase, it was one of the most important takeaways. “You have to find yourself a Cato.”

While I don’t want to run the risk of spoiling this amazing conversation by diving to deep into the subject. Since after all, my hope with sharing this post is to get you to listen to the show.

I will say this. That no matter you stand in life at any given moment. It is so important to champion in life. One that you can serve to ground you in your moments of decision. That you can look at and ask what would Cato do, if he was in this moment. The one your finding yourself trying to sort out.

Life can be very difficult and confusing. By looking at hero’s and those you champion to your cause can make things a little more clear.


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