I would walk 500 miles for wisdom with Kathleen Donnelly Israel

Episode 142

After I introduce you to my guest on episode 142. Kathleen Donnelly Israel and story be her latest creative adventure. You under understand why I chose a play on the classic song by title by the Proclaimers.

If your not familiar with the reference, the song is title I would walk 500 miles. It turns out to be one of my favorite open ended song lines ever.

Where it ties into today’s interview however, is because as part of the Kathleen’s journey to writing her book Wisdom on the Camino. She actually walked the Camino trail.

The seeds that grew into this amazing book began to take shape during the 17 years that Kathleen spending taking care of her husband. Who ultimately lost his battle with Parkinson’s disease in 2018.

It was durning those years, Kathleen spent studying spiritual healing. While studying and learning from a number of enlightened and wise teachers, she began to build these philosophies around the wisdom she was accumulating.

Which all cultivated into this wonderful book. That shares all the wisdom Kathleen has acquired, and provides this amazing count of her journey along the Camino Santiago de Compostela.

It’s very amazing read and one that it definitely worth checking out.

available now

In the process of putting this interview together. There was this other that came up. It would go on to become the first subject discussed, forgiveness.

For me personally forgiveness as been like taboo topic. In a way that I have avoided it will all of power through out my journey.

Still it’s been a subject that I’ve had a number of conversations about. Each which had their own little way of planing seeds within me. Where it’s like even though I disliked the idea of doing anything with the idea. On a subconscious level the forces were at work within me. Leading to find forgiveness along my way.

One day it just kind of hit me that I have stopped carrying those stones and just let it all happen. Forgiveness of myself and others that I needed to forgive. Now of course I haven’t gone out and verbally used the phrase “I forgive you for….” Still inside of I’ve gone through the process.

I really think after listening to this conversation you will agree with me. When I say the method and practice that Kathleen learn for forgiveness is both Beautiful and powerful.

While even though unfortunately the audio at times is a little ruff. Sadly modern technology dose come with its own set of bad days. I left this conversation the way that turned out. To really capture in its original and raw for the way that two people can just relate, and build an amazing conversation. One that’s based on authentic thoughts and principles.

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