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As I work to compile and share my journey. I wanted to share and highlight an appearance I made on the Living the dream podcast.

I truly enjoy each time I get the opportunity to address a new platform. This is what Tim gave me the chance to do by inviting me on his on show.

It’s the other part of putting these appearances together that when I look back to write an article about them that I enjoy so much.

Because if you follow the podcast Tim’s voice might sound familiar to you. I got the chance to interview him back on episode 88 “Quotes from Seneca”.

In that episode we learned a lot about who Tim really is as a person. He shared with us the upbringing he endured and how that shaped him. To listen to that interview you can click the picture to go the episode page, or find Project Mindfully Outdoors where you listen to podcast at. Then search for episode 88.

To listen episode 88

As for that back story, Tim and connected through an app that is geared at podcast networking. When Tim reached out to me I wasn’t really sure how to procedure the contact.

Still there was something about it that gave me this feeling that I needed to entertain it. Which I’m very grateful I did. Because it gave me the opportunity to meet a wonderful human being.

I found out that beyond those cold sales pitch’s Tim really had a lot of amazing things going on, and we really clicked and do some amazing work together

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This interview was actually one of the very first ones that I made reference to and talked about the upcoming book. We also talk a lot of Project Mindfully Outdoors and the journey that led me to define and chase my dreams and goals.

Much like with ever interview opportunity I get offered, I like to taylor my message to the platform. It’s always a blast to share and offer a bit of wisdom from the backwood to a new audience.

If you’re new around camp I truly think this is a great interview for you catch synapsis of the journey that led me to the wisdom from the path I share with you.


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