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Here is another on of those opportunities for me to highlight one of those doors that my podcast journey opened.

As I began my search to compile people to interview while I was working on integrating the campfire sessions into the show. I had put an open call. Which is both an interesting and scary thing to do has a podcast host. Simply because you have no idea who or even if anyone will respond.

While it was truly shocking to me just how many potential guests reached out to me to share their stories and work. There was guest in particular who I hit off with.

She just happened to be the co host of a podcast called the Silent warriors chronicles. She goes by the name Desigirl. My interview with Desigirl was featured in episode 85 “Let’s team up”.

To listen to episode 85 click the picture

A few weeks later I got to sit down with the half of the team. When Lady DMC and I recorded this interview for the Warriors Corner.

Durning our conversation, I again got to share the message we are working so hard around camp to spread.

Having been recorded right around the time I had just finished up the original manuscript of No one is beyond redemption. I got to share a little bit of insight into the book.

We talked about the journey and why I decided to write a book about the subject. We also discussed what life life looked like for me at the time of the recording. Along with a lot of self care tips that you can do in the outdoors.

Give this one a listen because there are so many helpful tidbits that can help you along the journey.

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