All we can do is wish them well

green pine tree leaves
Episode 145

We are all just characters on a stage. We play a role and a reason within the story of the world. Which makes the story we live just a few pages written in history.

This wide angle view makes its self so clear when see the creatures of the world working to do the part to keep nature in order. The bees fly around collecting nectar and pollenate the flowers and other plants. The squirrel runs around dispersing seeds and different elements that get caught up in their fur.

Each and everything living in so many different ways serves a benefit to the environment by living and doing their daily habits.

When you apply this is broad view to much smaller scale something happens. It’s opens up this new view of how we interact with people and the world. You can even see how our life story really applies in the grand scheme of things.

It’s this first person point of view that makes understanding all of these interacts a little easier to deal with.

Different things are constantly flowing and out of our lives wether we are aware of it not. Think about how many different faces you encounter on any given day.

Each everyone one of them are characters in the story of our lives. The bulk of which will never have a speaking role. Those are extras that simply add depth to the story.

While others have a role that requires just a few lines. In order to further the plot and give a chance to exercise the skills we carry within us.

Looking even higher up the ladder are the roles that play pivotal roles in shaping our story. Each one of them come at different time and for different reasons.

In very unique ways they are part it’s teach us something. No matter what that is the odds of that single individual holding down the role until very last sentences of you story, are very slim.

Durning the time they spend in your story maybe something you find to be so amazing. It leaves you losing sight of this fact. You have built some history with them. They even went through some of hardest patches of your journey with you.

That when their path leads the somewhere else your left standing in heart ache. We never want them to leave our story. Because we built this platform which we stand them on. We lose sight of the fact live can and must go on.

There’s this line from Diogenes, “ we come into this world alone and we die alone. Why, in life, should we be any less alone?” Now of course to a live your entire life alone, really isn’t possible.

Because given the world in we live we meet and interact with hundreds of people everyday. Sometime those people even grow into key characters in our story.

It comes in being mindful of the purpose for their visit within your story. Along with the wisdom of knowing everything has a beginning and an ending. That can ease the heart and soul a little bit more and keep everything in context.

When a new character enters the stage. They enter it with open arms. When they leave it all you can do is wish them well. For their appearance is only a trigger of your next event in life.


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