A long time coming with Dia Manuel

Episode 148

Episode 148

A few months back I had this guy reach out to me about the podcast. He wanted to sit down and have a conversation that I could share with you.

Life managed to throw a number of monkey wrenches in the way. The original date came up in this mist of the stint of my truck being broken down. Which caused me to call a parking lot home for a few days.

I shared some of that story once I got that all sorted out and was able to back to camp. From there a number of schedule conflicts came up. Which is just something that goes along with territory.

Still we had made this commitment to put this conversation together and we finally got a window and got it done.

Normally I like to set up the interviews by talking about the conversation. Mostly because that seems to be the way things are done. However I think the time I got to spend with my guest Dia Manuel specks for its self. There’s no need for the for shadowing with this one.

Of course Dia Manuel’s body of work and field of practice should not be left by the waste side. So let’s run through that distinguished list of credentials. Dia is an award winning digital thought leader, and on top of that he is an amazing keynote speaker. Who you just might have seen on the TED talk stage delivering nuggets of wisdom.

Dia Manuel on the TED talk stage

It’s that kind of wisdom that made this conversation such a true delight to be apart of and to have Dia on the podcast. Unfortunately how and it’s how things always happen. After we hit stop and we were doing our post recording wrap up. Where so real magic happened.

Maybe, Dia just happen to catch at the right moment. Because I’ve been this up swing and the feedback he left me with really impacted me.

I don’t know, I’m pretty sure that those kind words really shine though in this episode. After all why say something just to say it right? Yet the path that those interviews represent, the learning and practicing how to interact with social anxiety.

It was being told how precent and mindfully engaged I was durning our talk. To be brought face to face with that kind of feedback really brought things into perspective. It’s also but me in this weird place of questioning that relationship I have with anxiety and really my view of self.

While I could go on and about the off air stuff and Dia for many more paragraphs. I will leave that for future writing. For now I really hope you check out this interview. I really think your going to enjoy it, I know I did. It’s really pretty easy to end this article by saying, this one is easily in my top 5. If you’ve thought about checking out the show. Do yourself a favor and make this the episode you listen to.

Because this just might be the message you need today. Until next time get out there wild, because that’s where the stillness and the adventure lays.

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