Being mindfully present (episode 19 of The Misfit Faction)

As we are celebrating the big 150th episode of Project Mindfully Outdoors podcast. Sharing this recent appearance on The Misfit Faction podcast with you feels so fitting.

I say that because of the back story that led to me and Paul connecting. This opportunity came about through Steven Joiner.

Who in the early stages of the campfire sessions was gracious enough to send a lot of his clients my way. Which for the doors that Steven opened and the relationships that came out of that help, is something I’ll alway be grateful for.

Now Paul reached out to me back in December, and we had originally this up for right around Christmas. Which I had to put on hold since the opportunity to enjoy my first real Christmas morning with my youngest two children.

Fortunately Paul was understanding and we moved the interview up to January.

When we did finally connect our conversation was one that was free flowing. It all came together very well. It’s one that I really enjoyed sitting down and be a part of.

The way that Paul dose his research about the guest for his show was amazing. He was able to tap into all the different aspect of our camp and bring so much out of me.

I really enjoyed the opportunity I was given to talk about and focus in on the reunification subject. Clearly the fact that I’m currently working to put out a book on the subject, is because being a father that returned after being absent from my child’s life. It’s a subject I’m very passionate about.

As you know a free flowing conversation is a dance. Where you weave in and out of many different subject matter. Being that I am the creator of Project Mindfully Outdoors which covers some very heavy subject matter. Paul did an amazing job of making sure we got to hit on all of those subjects.

He was able to really connect and provide both an amazing side of himself, and a wonderful line of questioning.

This is one of those shows that is really worthy of a listen. Because your going to be exposed to a vast array of amazing guest such as myself. Each of these conversations will leave with some good to take away.


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