Do you really believe? With Bo Bissett

Episode 151

Let’s start by asking yourself do honestly believe in yourself and what your doing?

I’m sure your answer is, of course you do. Now let me ask you this. Is your answer in line with the works and behaviors you employ?

The reason I’m asking these questions to start this article is because of the subject of episode 151. Where I’m joined all the way from Taiwan by Bo Brissett.

What makes this conversation one that everyone show hear. Is that we spend our time walking through the space of self sabotaging behavior based upon limiting self beliefs.

Why this subject is so important and one we all can relate to is because we all go through it. We want all of these great things, and this prefect life. But in order to get there we have to come out of our comfort zone.

Which is scary and difficult to navigate. So it triggers that urge to sabotage ourselves. It was very interesting to me to listen to how Bo came to understand that idea with in his story and was able to move through those habits.

Bo brings a lot of insight to the table on so many other subjects that he gained through living life. This is one of the most authentic and thought provoking conversations I’ve been able to bring to the show.

Bo Bissett is all about self discovery and improvement on a very deep level. By spending any amount of time working or talking with Bo you’ll find it’s life changing for you.

So give this episode a listen and then reach out to Bo to see how he can help support you on your journey.


3 thoughts on “Do you really believe? With Bo Bissett

  1. Thanks so much, Mike. Had a great time talking with you!!

    Keep doing what you’re doing.

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