Driving directions with Erec Lindberg

Episode 153

Picture this scenario, it’s the first time you’ve ever driven through Montana. You hardly know where your going. To make things even harder, it’s the middle of the winter and the most intense blizzard just blew in leaving even more disoriented. The logical call would be to pull off into the closest gas station to ask for directions.

Well for episode 153 we have walked into the gas station for those directions. The man working counter is my guest Erec Lindberg. Erec is the author of a very useful book called Your brilliant inter whisper.

What the message in this book is understanding that little whisper within you. The one that drags you to the place at the time you need to be there. It’s also what we call our inter voice.

Opening this article with that kind of setup really fits the way we opened up our conversation. That is because my first question was indeed where is the inter voice located. I loved Erec’s answer. Because it was just like him offering driving directions.

Drive south past the mind and hit the belt line you drove to far. So then do the Michigan turn around and just listen. You’ll know where there.

Yes, I’ve been doing my best to make this article a fun read. However the story of how Erec came to understand his inter voice is truly a story we all can relate to. Because we all get those callings to make life altering decisions. That we don’t know why we have to, or what happens when we do. We just do them.

Erec starts by sharing how the first life changing choice for him was to give up college to spend the year skiing. He was afraid of the ramifications that leap could hold. Still he did it, which led him down a path he might not has walked.

This one was a lot of fun for me to learn something new and I think it will be for you as well. Check out the interview, and then check out Your brilliant inter whisper.

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