A mind must walk

woman standing by the bonfire
Episode 154

If you want to do something that will impactful go outside. You’ll feel something magical. A connection will stir up inside of you. That connection is because that’s where you came from.

We all have this in bloodlines man was born in outdoors. Over the course of history we conquered the land and made it more suitable to our way of life.

Sadly to many of over the course of time seem to have forgotten. Lost with all the to do lists, and digital connections of modern times. That to be told just go outside sounds like a foreign language.

Even if the idea of walking out into a wood area seems like to much. There’s something very simple that you can do, but it’s something so beneficial for you. Just simply go for a walk.

By adding just one walk to start your morning your off to a good start of the day, both physically and mentally.

Physically you get the blood flowing and movement of the body going. That’s the first thing we think of when we walk. Yet, it serves us mentally too.

Seneca wrote about how a healthy mind must be allowed to wander. There’s no better space for the mind to roam then when the body is Motion in the act of walking.

You would be amazed of the way you can process and sort through all of those thoughts your holding within. Just by being proactive and tapping into your ancestors.

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