It’s a somber day around camp (saying fair well to a new friend)

To be very honest with you, I really don’t even know how to begin this writing. The only thing that I really do know is that I’m typing with a heavy heart.

Perhaps the best way to approach the somber feeling around camp this evening. Perhaps the easiest way would be starting with the course of events today.

Since it’s Wednesday which means the release of an episode of the podcast featuring an interview. That featured guest was Erec Lindberg. Every time I’m put out and interview I kind of pump things up in the email I sent out to my guest.

The heading is always “ today is our big day”. It was only a few hours after that email was sent I came into an unfortunate update. Erec had passed away sometime last week. Which means that instead of it begins a big day. It’s now a somber one.

I was pretty blown away when I came across this news. That’s because thinking back to the evening Erec and I connected for our interview he was doing amazing.

I won’t waste a sentence on the battle he was waging. Instead I will share with the reason he was so brave and strong, even in the face of that battle he was quietly fighting.

He wanted to be the inspiration for other to willingly chose to seek out their highest version of theirselves. That is what inspired him to become an author. It is from such work that he was able to leave behind Your brilliant inter whisper.

Which durning our conversation he showcased so well, how his book could be a road map to understanding your true calling in this world.

While Erec was in the very early stages of his voyage of being a guest that sadly ended to soon. I am deeply honored to have been lucky enough that his path crossed my platform.

It was his ability to tell a story while being engaging, and offer some fresh insight in the things I shared with him during our talk. That I am most grateful for.

If podcasting has taught me anything. It’s that the guest that I connect with come about for a reason. An even better way to word that is, everyone one who touches our story. Touches it with both a gift and an invitation. No matter how long that connect last. You are left better for the wisdom they teach you, or forced you to discover on your own.

While I may never get the opportunity to complete the next chapter in our conversation. That had been so looking forward to. I’m grateful that Erec had the strength to be able touch my story and sit at the campfire of Project Mindfully Outdoors.

While his friend and family put him and the wisdom he held to bed for one final time. His words, wisdom, and message will live on forever. I think now that all is said and done in his story. He is looking down at the world smiling, knowing that his voice and message will live on forever.

Good night my friend, Rest In Peace….

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