Oh to the journey

I say that because it’s been a wild ride. After having just warping a call that I’m so excited that I will be able share with you soon.

Being a guy that spends hours of from each week writing, and recording for a podcast about self help and improvement from a deer blind. I have to push myself to not only live but do the work of what I talk about.

Which at times can be the thing to do. Yet, I do so because after all this is about turning words into works. Or perhaps it’s the other way around. Sometime I’m lose track of if it’s the chicken or the egg. Meaning if it’s the writing or the progress that comes first. I’ll truly know is that they work hand and hand.

Well one of those things that I have to do is reach out to find guests. Which makes me come out of my comfort zone. Since in life I dread making contact, first contact mostly.

It’s just out right uncomfortable for me. Because I feel has if I’m bother someone by reaching out. You could call it one of those self limiting beliefs.

Yet I’ve recently admitted to myself that I honestly enjoy the interview process. Yes, that means I just admitted my own personal progress.

So recently I made an attempt to reach out via new ways to recruit guest. The first attempt went much better than expected. Not only did they agree, but we did some amazing work together.

Out of the corresponding and ultimately connecting to have our conversation I found a very cool new connection and friendship. One that will surely see the water one day soon.

Also out of that budding connection will bring lots of new faces and content to camp in the near future. What more than that is that by fate bringing the one and only River horse across my path has taught to believe that much more in myself.

You can chalk up a very rare Saturday morning of work up into the grip and grin moments of a journey of self growth.

Until we meet again I wish tight lines when you get out into the wild. Where the stillness and adventure lays.

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