Father’s Day call to action

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Today is that day of the year that has man and a father is the biggest day of the year. In my book it’s bigger than Christmas and even opening day of deer season. Because today is the day that we celebrate the impact on our children we have as fathers.

We hold one of the most impactful roles in our sons and daughters story. We teach them so many different things they will carry with them though out their life’s. Why we hope that we only teach them all the good things, it doesn’t always pan out that way.

After all we are only human and we make mistakes too. We are of course dealing with our own baggage in real time, trying navigate so many through so many things without any sort of map.

Still your are there and your giving it all you got. They can see that, because they are always watching. Deep down inside they respect and love you for all your doing. Wether that shines through or not in any given moment.

While so many of us fathers have earned the right to hear them say happy Father’s Day, and of course we are smitten with days events and thoughtful gifts. Not just on this day, but the other 364 days of the year as well.

My thoughts today also rest with the handful of men out there, that are carrying that bitter sting within their hearts. Because they are in contact with their child. We can not forget about them today. After all for many years I was one of them.

While I make excuses for allowing my course to veer, when it should had help steady. Those mistakes, miss judges, or even allowing your emotions to get best of you, those things happen. Remember that your only human after all.

At some point in that story you acted has the angry bee who stung. Knowing it would kill you deep down inside. Maybe in the aftermath you grew calloused to it all. Those holes are still lay within you, and know it.

Ether way there’s a truth you know deep down inside, just like I did. No matter how far you run, no place on earth will ever hide you from that title or the role you laid down. You a father through and though. Some where on this planet sits a little pair of eyes and beating heart with a hole the size of oceans only you can fill.

I know first handed what it feels like to humble yourself and say I screwed up. It isn’t easy in fact it’s one of the hardest things to do. I feared nothing more then to look into that young lady in the face. Still I did it and lived to tell the story.

I took the journey to redeem myself on my back for reasons I didn’t fully understand. I only truly knew fate had made me a better man. One who now deserved to be a dad. Even if at the time I was only truly telling myself that, it was all that I had.

It all begins so small. With just these simple words, “I am sorry. You did nothing wrong. None of the reasons why I haven’t been there are your fault. With that said, here we and I’d like to give back the thing you deserve.” Once said they will run with it at the own pace, but you have to mean it.

The path that it opened up most certainly changed me just like what will happen will change you too. If i still had questions at the start, the task at hand answered each and everyone of them.

Yet looking back, it wasn’t until dinning at local dinner that I realized what I truly done. In my absence I had robbed her and myself of so much. I forced her to lay awake at nights with a vision of who and what I was. Then with simple message I also took those sleepless nights away.

In that absents you leave a whole that nothing or no one can fill. In quest to return and find redemption you will the whole that only you can fill.

Underneath that numbed and callous space of the reason why, or what made you take yourself away. It’s never to late to make the smallest effort to turn.

All of those things holding you back the fear, the pain, the shame, hell even just revisiting the chaos you thought was in your review mirror. Those all just a product of your own thoughts. The truth is on the other side of the road sits a child who needs and want you. Wether they know it now or not.

Time can solve all those problems and the trials that you’ll face you need them. Each day you plant one foot in front of the other to walk through the day. Even though the stakes high you are strong after all your a father and we are all just that strong.

Pick up the phone and join us on the adventure of active fatherhood.

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