Take two with Kellan Fluckiger

Episode 158

The learning process that has come with this podcasting journey has come with its share of hiccups. Most of which have come with the guest aspect of the show. Everything from scheduling conflicts all the way to occasionally losing a file.

Even though losing a file contains one of this interviews has only happened a few times. There’s one that really comes to mind. Sometime back in November I sat down with my guest on episode 158 Kellan Fluckiger.

When I realized I had last that interview I was both disappointed and even a bit embarrassed. In fact I was so embarrassed about that I couldn’t bring myself to reach out to recapture a story that is really worthy of being shared. I guess pride really caused me to chalk it up to the live and learn column. Never to really be revisited again.

But fate wasn’t willing to leave it be. When his staff reach out to me about appearing on Kellan’s show the Ultimate life. Which will be airing in a few weeks.

Leading up to that next chapter of our conversation. I started reflecting on the part that will never be heard. I realized something that fate caused me to lose that conversation for a reason.

That reason really ties into Kellan’s mission and one word he is so passionate about “forgiveness”. I have shared many times recently my relationship with that word. In my forward thinking mind, I outright refused to have anything with that word. It was durning recording for the Ultimate life that I realized it had been working on me in the background.

To me I found it really interesting to feel myself surrender to that feeling live in an interview. None the lest to do so on the guys show planted that seed.

Now that’s a story worthy of a deeper dive for another day. That’s because Kellan was gracious enough to grand me another opportunity to bring to camp an amazing story and interview.

As fate would have it this second try made it all the way to the final cut and gets to air. It’s one that I’m so proud to get to finally add to the finished catalog.

That is because I think your going to really get a lot out of it. There’s a story Kellan shares about just how important each one of our stories truly is. It’s probably my favorite part of the whole interview.

The story it’s self serves as the ultimate catalyst to knock down so many stigmas. Have your a listen. I really think you’ll feel the impact and enjoy it.

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