The unknown

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Episode 159

This is different right? That’s just the fact of life always staring us in the face. You can huff and puff throw you hands up in disgust. After all it is annoying that nothing is being handed to you.

But that’s the amazing part. Because after all life is an adventure. There some famous words spoken by Rocky Belboa in an ally to his son about the difficulties and challenges of life.

It’s not about how many times life knocks you down. It’s about how many times you get back up. That I would dig deeper into. By adding there is a beautiful thing that happens when life knocks you down.

In getting back up it offers you this ability to redesign not only yourself, but also the adventure your own. By considering that bruise your nursing from latest kick or jab life gave you knowledge.

After all we were not born with a full mouth of teeth. We had to painfully allow the to cut their way to surface one by one. This is no different. We have to go throw life taking hit painful blow after painful blow. This is how we grow. By taking those hits with grace and an open mind.

Each time finding ourselves back at the start, not knowing what will come next. Perhaps the greatest peace of advice I’ve ever received is “you don’t have to know. You just have allow yourself the grace in which to get back up and keep walking forward.”

This is where the adventure truly lays, within the challenge of not knowing. It’s within surrendering ourselves to the unknown.

So often I think about how I plan my first deer hunt of the season. I don’t know just where I’ll end. That’s because when I start putting it together I pull up my hunt stand app on my phone , and I literally just pick a spot.

Where ever my thumb lands that’s where I’ll be on October 1st. Sure between the day I commit to that area and opening day there’s a few months in which to explore. Still it all happens based upon that two fear laced phrase “the unknown”.

It wasn’t until I really thought about how opening weekend comes together. That I thought why should life be any different. I take these bumps or have to hit the rest button. All of which leave me in the unknown.

What makes those situations any different than slapping my thumb down on my hunt stand app to pick an unknown spot. If I can walk into that strange new to me woodland and come out of it a better man. Then so to in life can do the same, what’s more is I’ll be better for having done so.

Each of those moments spent in the unknown is only that a moment. A moment intended to make you grow and bring you closer to your true potential in this life.

So the next time life has delivered you a blow or reset, heal those wounds and take that walk into in the unknown with head up high.

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