One day you’ll be both master and student with Chris Natzke

Episode 160

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The best way to get over the middle of the week hump is a fun conversation that puts things into perspective. That is what episode 160 has to offer you. On this one I’m joined by Chris Natzke.

Chis is one of the most unique and interesting speakers I have ever met. I say that for a number of reason. The first thing about Chris’s background that jumps out, is his martial arts background.

It’s has a martial arts master that sets Chris apart from most of the speakers on the Circuit today. There’s special level of zen that to his delivery that just draws you in. But, it’s the message that comes with it where you gain so much wisdom.

It’s later in the conversation where Chris is walking us through the master black belt process. That gives you an understanding of the motivation, and kind of guy the practice made him. It’s also shaped so many other masters and students of the arts. Something so special you would never expect to included in the training process.

As you can expect walking down the path of the benefits with a master they have angle they are going from. However in exploring all of this Chris he claimed to be biased about his view on it. I think my only advice for Chris would be not look at from that angle. Because he brings all of these great teaching in a way that anyone from every walk of life and back ground can relate to.

The final thought that I will leave you with in this peace is this. You enter this world has the student. Before you leave it you become the teacher. Even in your time has the leader. In this time has the teacher however, you are truly only a wise student. One you take on the responsibilities of mentoring the future teaches of tomorrow. Which means for you and I, we can never forget to remain a student of life.

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