The legend of Riverhorse with Riverhorse

Episode 162

In the outdoor space there are two words thrown around frequently. The words myth and legendary. Episode number 162 derives from just those two things. It also has a foot in the sands of writing my own personal script as well.

Because today we are privileged to tap into the legend of Riverhorse. A real life modern day adventurer who embodies the campfire stories we remember from our childhood.

Those who are familiar with Patagonia fly fishing, the Fretboard journal, Fly fishing, the Surfer’s, or documentaries such has Love and Water and A Northern Light know just who I’m talking about. Not to mention all of those degenerate anglers out there and you know who you are. Will get enjoy another opportunity to jump into the ol’ canoe one more time. To take another voyage on the water with our friend Riverhorse

Even though when I was blessed to catch up him. Riverhorse was relaxing at camp getting in some much needed R&R. He is known world wide for his travels. Pursing his love of fishing and dropping wisdom in the farthest fringes of the world. In a one man quest to live life to its fullest and bestow the blessing of joy upon the world.

While he is so well know for penning some of the must amusing and amazing stories in the outdoor space. There’s something much larger about him. He is a beautiful human being. One who loves spreading joy and happiness with his passions.

He is someone who truly enjoys what he dose and is grateful for each day he is here. Not meant just how grateful for everything he truly is. To not only grant an interview like this, but so much more.

With all that said, it only ties the hook to the line. I really hope you’ll take the time to give this one a listen. Because your truly going to enjoy River Horse and I talking about those adventures, his take on life, and so much more. Until next time tight lines Riverhorse,tight lines.

  • River Horse’s photo credits
  • Picture number 1 Copi Vojta
  • Picture number 2 Tony Czech
  • Picture number 3 Tony Czech

The is the path way – Riverhorse

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