What is a healing journey

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Life is long and an on going journey. We often think about it like chapters in a book. Where each page reads of both good and bad moments that all pile up and stay with us. Those really good moments often leave us carrying a smile. While from the painful ones hand us another rock to carry in the form of some sort of trauma.

While those sort of difficult events and traumas come are just a part of the human experience. However the best part about being human is that what we do with those rocks is our decision.

Because just like how your body can heal from an injury. Your heart and soul can heal from those traumas your carrying. Though a conscious decision to lay down those rocks.

Through the process of a healing journey is such a deeply personal experience. It’s nearly impossible to just write a how to guide for you. I can assure you that the mastery and healing you seek is right there at your fingertips to be had.

I can offer you that reassurance because I have walked the path of healing. It’s that personal road that allows me to help you to find your path.

When it comes down to which road to travel. It’s something that when you look it will invite you in. Your first step along the path is look within since there is the only place you can find the map.

Which at times can be the thing to do. Yet, I do so because after all this is about turning words into works. Or perhaps it’s the other way around. Sometime I’m lose track of if it’s the chicken or the egg. Meaning if it’s the writing or the progress that comes first. I’ll truly know is that they work hand and hand.

It’s an adventure that goes much further than looking at trees or pursuing game. The wildness has served has a gateway. Mother Nature holds so much in her hands she can use to teach and inspire. She quite literally nurtures you along the journey from the moment you surrender to her touch.

The path truly is the path you just have to be open to it, and willing to allow the process to happen. Once you begin the work those rocks of trauma, depression, and anxiety will slide from your pack. Thus lighting your load and making your foot steps softer through out the rest of your story.

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