The new beginning with Daniel Jackson

It’s a brand new week one that is sure to filled with the unknown. It’s also a fresh canvas because last weeks struggles are now behind us. Which means the question is, what are you going to with it?

While I can only speak for the theme around camp. I hope this applies to you as well. Its one where we are aiming to use the recent struggles to move us forward. Simply because those bumps are come along the path, and as we say all the time path is the path.

However since we moved to being a daily podcast something strange has happened. At least over the past few weeks. There has become kind a theme that has grown around each weeks interviews and even the rest of the content. Now I promise that isn’t happening by design.

This weeks line up is another one that came together in that same Spirit. Which as it turns out is the unknown. Mostly since I wasn’t sure even how I was going to pull this week off. Still I’m happy it all came together.

It’s really under the light of the unknown however that makes my guest on episode 165 the perfect way to start off the week.

Over a year ago mine and Daniel Jackson’s paths first crossed. In fact we recorded this really cool and interesting conversation that became our Halloween episode that year. The reason I chose to air that conversation on Halloween is because of Daniel’s back ground. He is a Spirit medium Spirit medium.

Following our first conversation he and I stayed in touch. Recently Daniel mentioned he had this book coming out and would like to discuss here on this podcast. Well Daniel and I have never had a bad conversation and I really enjoy when we get to connect. So I said why not and invited him back for another one of those talks.

It was really funny because turns out he was excited to return to the show he was an hour early for the interview. Which gave us plenty of time to talk and really catch up. I kind of feel like I should had hit record a lot sooner then I did. Because there was a lot of cool points and stuff that came up durning that prerecording time we talked. Still he and put together a very nice conversation for this episode that your going to really enjoy.

Daniel Jackson’s new book is called The new beginning. You can pick up a copy on Amazon today.

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