Carry your heart

Episode 166

Success along this journey isn’t measured by how man steps you take. Or even the things you surround yourself with. Instead it’s measured by your heart.

It’s the forward progress that your heart makes each day. That is where the bar is set, deep within inside of you. When you take those steps each day you must ask yourself did you truly carry your heart with you? The progress you think you made today. Did it truly bring your heart another step closer towards your people?

Sometimes it may seem has though these journeys we walk leaves us so closed off from the outside world. After all must most of the work begins within. All those boulders that weigh us down. The works to release them truly happens inside of us. Our connection with ourself and the world around us, it too builds from the inside. Only after seeking that inter peace can it break through the shell to finally shine outward.

Unlock the power

Even while we walk the footsteps of that path. The world still spins. It’s amazing how much we are able to miss when eyes are pointed inward. Still the wind is blowing and life’s processes never stop. Just by standing still we are minded of this.

The same is truly of those people around us. The ones whom play important roles within our story. Wether we have met them or not, or their role has come and gone.

Much like the call of the earth, their songs continue on. You can hear those melodies dancing through your ears. Just listen to unsung words. Reminding you has you walk through the pages of your journey, remember to carry your heart with.

So stroll through the fields and meadows of your growth with both your heart and soul. Then each time you encounter one of these special characters honor them. By showing them your heart. Take a moment to dance the dance of celebration with them too. After all they are looking just to write with you upon the pages of time. They just want to remind you not to leave your heart behind.

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