You decide your out come with Amanda Chan

Episode 167

For episode 167 I had to cast the line out into the unknown and explore some new water. In doing so I wasn’t sure what my call out for help was going to bring my way. One of the first people to respond to that call was my guest for this episode a Amanda Chan.

While this conversation was a lot of fun to put together. I think really was blown away by the arch of Amanda’s story. There’s are sense of why we go through these sort of trails. It’s in that rising and falling the opportunity comes. Because you have to really ask yourself just what are going do with this new beginning. Life only give you the outline. It’s us that must learn from the situation and decide that out come.

Amanda’s journey saw her lose everything including almost her voice to a medical condition. While that certainly was a lot to over come. She turned all of those obstacles into opportunities to learn and strengthen her skill set. Until ultimately the story was right and she rose from the ashes of those storms.

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It’s about how she faced the turmoil and upheaval that when Amanda reached out to me. That made having the opportunity to celebrate her journey a no brainer for me.

Durning our conversation we get to really explore the idea of learning the patterns of the journey. As well as finding bravery in the face of adversity. It’s such an amazing story of Amanda turned the despair into growth through learning.

Amanda Chan’s learning journey brought her into the world of working with human nervous system. She is a part of Nero- Optimization group out of Ottawa Ontario Canada.

Now having come full circle Amanda’s work centers around teaching and medical care. As a part of Nero- Optimization group based out Ottawa Ontario Canada. They are also moving into the digital work to clients all around the world.

I really feel like it’s an amazing journey that Amanda has been on. The perspective her path has taught her and shares with us. Is one that your really going to gain a lot from. So hope you check out this episode and enjoy it as much as I did.

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