You can’t carry a grudge

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Episode 168

There is a special kind of wisdom the that the act of traveling down that dirt embed path hold. With so many twists and turns, up and downs. She is ready teach and challenge those who ready.

Her wisdom is simple to understand. While her questions may make you huffing for breath as you struggle to stay up to speed. Yet all of your exertion both mentally and physically will pay off.

She gives so much to willing. Those of us who are ready to surrender and just let go. Before you can open her gates you lay everything down first. After all, no matter how many miles logged upon your boot. You will find you have no where while holding anger for others with whom you’ve crossed paths.

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Even in the mist of climbing the mountains of daily life you can no longer hold a grudge. What purpose dose it serve to hold on to a grudge with a fellow climber of life.

No matter what they might have done. Now those miss deeds are a thing of the past. Wether those came out of ignorants or malicious intent it was in their nature, or they didn’t under what you needed in order step forward.

Still it’s only your hands that propel you up the mountain. Just like any mountain climber understand the lighter the load, the easiest the climb. This simple rule applies to life’s climb.

Find the peace in knowing it had nothing to do you. If it where not you then someone else would had bear those wounds. Fate chose you because regardless of how painful they were. No one could bear with strength and courage you did.

No matter how long you have carried those boulders, it’s ok set them down. Never to be picked up again. Because until you do you will standing at the base of life’s mountains looking up. After all you can’t truly climb while holding a grudge against another climber.

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