The many fingers of grief with Page Park

Episode 169

Last week when I threw that line into unknown water looking for guest I came across Page Park. Who’s journey is one that as been on that centered around grief.

What I feel that makes Page’s story so important to celebrate and share with you. Is the many faces that grief can wear. The common picture the feeling of grief coming to us with the death of a loved one. Which is one aspect of Page’s story she shares in this conversation.

But, that’s just one aspect of grief. As you will be able to fully understand through out our discussion. We all get touched by all the different fingers of grief all the time. Though the loss of relationships, a job, or the loss of anything else close to us.

There is no way to out run the experience, every chapter of our life’s story ends with grieving moments of some type. There is a common thread with all of these conclusions. You always find yourself having to process the feelings and then carry on.

In my conversation with Page I was able to understand the space I have found in my relationship with grief. Which is this place where I learned to allow a space to walk through the emotions of an ending. While being open and willing to accept what lays within each new beginning.

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Grief is one of those interesting emotions because as Page explains so well. Grief changes you, the wounds never full heal. In time you learn how to adapt to life after loss.

While we explore that idea and grief it’s self. We spend a lot of time discussing how to move through the process with healthy outlets. One thing we agreed upon was being to honor and remember is one of the must successful building blocks. Page discovered how to tap into yoga for expression and growth. Along her journey she as taken her love of teaching and yoga and turned them into her life’s work by helping others.

So join Page Park and I on this edition of Project Mindfully Outdoors the podcast. To unlock the smooth handle and release all of that untapped grief. So you can take your journey of healing to the next step on your path. You can find the podcast on Apple, Spotify, but also on most other podcast platforms


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