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Episode 172

On this day of celebration that marks the birth of our country. We the people have to much to grateful for as a nation. Just take a look around the world, both in real time and the past. There’s this ugly underlining theme of pain and suffering. Which is something that comes in all shapes and sizes.

When you distill those things down they become just one of the anchors of life. However they give birth to this amazing bi product. It’s one of the most powerful traits we has humans have developed is this ability to heal.

It’s both powerful and amazing because no matter what level you view the process at it teaches us. If you turn the dial on the binoculars to bring the focus in tight on a single human being’s journey it brings us to episode 172 of the podcast. Where I get introduce you to empowerment coach Janel Otto.

Janel is another Beautiful soul that took hold of the recent cast into lake of the unknown. Who felt compelled to pull back the curtain on her journey of self healing. What makes Janel’s journey so relatable is that her path came durning the unenviable task of grouping after divorce.

After spending 24 as a military spouse she found herself facing divorce, and cross road that we have to decide which way to turn. Because marriage and the process leading up to it is one that molds the family unit into the definition of who we are. When you take that away you in many ways lose a key component of who you had became.

Which further complicates the process and picture of what the world looks like around you. Having faced this scenario twice myself, I can tell you just how hard it can feel to navigate through the world, let alone the process of divorce. Even long after the ink has dried on the paperwork you still left with so much inside that you have to work your way through.

It’s those thoughts and feelings like failure, grief, and resentment that cloud your rational thinking mind. Some chose to run away from them in one way or another. Only in time coming to the same bridge we all must walk in the aftermath. To fully except that chapter has closed and redefine ourselves.

We just have to hit a point on the trail where we find new ambitions and values in the reality in which we find ourselves. Wether you asked to be in the ship your in or not in time you come to understand is of no matter, it’s simple the hand fate has picked for you.

But has you will hear during my conversation with Janel it’s not a bad thing. You will even come to understand that you did not fail. You simply lived out a chapter of your story. Now it’s off to bigger and better adventures. You can free yourself of what weight where left behind. Together we constructed an empowering foundation that you can you can begin to place your own blocks upon. If take the opportunity your given to move through these obstacles with grace and resilience it can become the greatest thing to ever happen to you. Just embrace the fact that to heal is to allow yourself to change.

It was truly a privilege for me to sit down with Janel Otto and celebrate her healing journey. While exploring the lessons upon her path. I truly think you will enjoy this conversation and walk away from it learning so much. Project Mindfully Outdoors the podcast can be heard on Spotify and Apple podcast, along with most other podcast platforms.

It would mean so much to us here at camp for you to listen and leave some feedback. Also we highly encourage you to join the conversation by leaving your thoughts and comments. After all we only open the door on these difficult subjects that unlock the growth hiding inside of each of us. It takes many different voice and points of view to reach the next plato.

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