The wisdom of a squirrel

Episode 176

Climbing into the ground blind to work on episode 176 on a hot summer evening left me chomping at bit for the upcoming hunting season. While the thrill of tromping through the deer woods is where my hunting heart truly. There’s a season that comes before the first deer hunt of year. It’s also known by many as the gateway into hunting.

There is something so special and fun about stepping into the woods on mid September morning with a .22 in hand in search of squirrels. What makes squirrel hunting so much much fun is how accessible it is. There’s such a wide range of tools you can employ to hunt them with and the season is so long.

With the length of the season your exposed to so many different behavior patterns. While means the lessons your taught are so vast. It’s truly an art that grows into a passion.

Even though those adventures are still a few months away. It’s a passion that I enjoy tapping into all year around. Because the quest of knowledge is an on going on. It’s though conversation that we work to crack the code. So when author Brain Livingston reached out to me I was thrilled. Brain is author of The habits of squirrels.

Judging from the background I’ve shared with you along with title of Brain’s book it should be pretty easy to understand my excitement for this conversation. However there was something very special about what Brain was bring to this table. Being a hunter it’s important for me to seek out new prospects on the animals I love so much.

That’s where Brian really makes this conversation special. Because he brings the point of view of someone who doesn’t spend his time looking at squirrels through a scope. In fact he is a seasoned hiker who has hiked the Appalachian trail.

Along the hike he became so inquisitive with the behaviors of squirrels that he wrote a book about. Besides what felt like to has that different point of view on a subject that I really enjoy. Which gave me some new ideas I can’t wait to explore this fall. What I really enjoyed about this conversation was the way, we really explored and worked towards rendering down their habits into a way to unlock ideas we can bring into our lives.

In this Brian puts you into the shoes of a retired mail man undertaking this life event of a hike. He also ties in the wisdom he learned along the way and the way it as shaped his life going forward.

This episode really holds something for everyone and I think it’s a very enjoyable one. It’s one of those edition I would point someone to if they were trying to find a direction to set their aim in in the early stages of exploring this idea of outdoor healing. What makes it worthy of that list. Is the way it showcases just how simple it can be to find something in the wildness to move you forward. Along with how Brian shares with us this idea that of how, by stepping into the moment you can mold the world around to be just how you see it in your dreams. By keeping to the virtual of bravery nothing is out of reach.

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