Sitting on shore

body of water at daytime
Episode 177

Moving forward is just what we are supposed to do. Each word we put on the page is just way of saying, we are putting one foot front of the other. Life puts all sort of reasons we have walk or change. So of them we are happy about others cause us to feel sad or let down.

But still life leaves on other options. This week I’ve moved along my path facing all of those emotions. Along the podcast journey the walking forward is happening because our camp is growing. We have just out right out grown the old campsite and way things were done. So we tie up the hiking boots and March forward razing a new feel and space around camp. For me its a little scary. Having to move the needle forward when I don’t know what that looks like.

Then on the other side of the coin. As you know through past episodes it was my last divorce,that give me the space to undertake my healing journey. Yet the other day one was of those mile marker days. Because there’s a calendar day that I dread. In fact the first two times I shut down every part of my life and just hide. In hopes of not having to deal with it. Still this 3rd revolution something different happened. Life put me in a spot where I had to lace up the boots and hike not hide. This too was sort of a scary aspect to deal to with.

There’s no shame to be had when your facing fear or any mix of feeling because life is forcing you to boots back on a walk. The truth of the matter is that we can’t stay where we are forever. We have to reach into the unknown because that’s where the magic happens.

Think of the unknown has this big giant lake. You can’t see the bottom so there’s no telling just how deep it truly goes. If you were to fall out of the boat. The idea of drowning is a scary feeling. Yet what would happen if you swam.

This idea of life moving you forward is just that. So don’t build your fortress in the fields of fear. Those lands are shrouded under sky’s of thunder and blown Baron by winds of regret. Instead build camp next to the lake of the unknown. Because sitting shore side you can bask in the waters of growth and adventure.

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