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The story of life isn’t a perfect one. And it may be news, but it was never intended to be. The story. It comes with its fair share of ups and downs as it builds toward this beautiful, brilliant story arc. It’s full of twists and turns. It’s got a plot that leads you one way and then the next. None of that is in your control. So why are you fighting it? Or why are you covering it up with a mask? See, the real question is worth asking yourself right here, right now, is how come you’re fighting that flow of life?

This right here today is faceless. Faceless challenges, the uncomfortable moments. Put down those vices. Put away the masks. Use that energy and that effort while you’re here to break down the obstacles and overcome them. You know what within your mind. Take an opportunity to break it down into something simple. Because really those obstacles are nothing more than just words. They’re letters that are going to be put down on the current page of life’s winding story. Yes, I’ll agree with you. There are times when those obstacles feel so tall and they look so insurmountable This is the reason that you have to change your patterns as well as your perception. But listen, the old habits, they die very slowly. They’re very unwilling to to let go of that grip.

So you really have to try you really have to try to hone in on the perspective as you foster the new behaviors and patterns that you’re working on. So in cultivating that new resolution and that new resolve that you’re working with, you got to bring the perspective with it in order to overcome these obstacles. You see, Marcus, he had to teach himself to remember, to see things around him for what they truly are. For an example, there’s a passage of meditation where when he sits down to a meal, he wrote to remind and so even though that piece of meat looks so tasty and is teasing to the eyes, In reality, it’s nothing more than just an animal carcass or how that wine that he got to drink was nothing more than crushed grapes. The point here is everything is really that simple.

Where the challenge and where the trick lies is remembering that we build stories around every single thing that we encounter. The secret lies within how we choose to construct that story. When you come to a hill along the hiking path, how do you choose to see it? Think about it for a second. Do you choose to view that hill as something that’s going to be strenuous and too much to climb? Or do you choose to view it from the easier perception, realizing that it’s simply a mound of dirt with an incline that’s unique to itself? That mound of dirt gives you an opportunity to get the blood pumping, to overcome something, to climb and rise. Now, remember this. You meet the trials and the tribulations of everyday life because they’re all going to challenge you as you try to break those patterns. Remember to break them down into blurred terms, because it’s going to go a long way to help you as you continue to build that practice of turning words and thoughts into works. Hey, real quick, before we get out of here,

You know, it’s much easier to allow that current to age you along. It’s when we ask ourselves questions like these that we realize that we kind of half-witted lean in into the current. And when we do that, we get to a point where we grab onto a rock, pull ourselves out of that river, and then we look and we see the results that we got. They’re only lackluster. They were missing something. And that causes you to normally ask yourself so many questions, like, why is it so much simpler for everyone else? Why are we just hiding and putting a mask on it? Because it’s so much easier to cling to that mask or to let everything go. And when we do that, We think, you know what? We’ll just hold off to the next time, and that next time might never come. And when it does, we have a half wit. We jump into that river yet again, finding the same result because we forget that the river’s current is asking us something. It’s inviting us to surrender to the live stream. And the way that that current pulls us leaning into that current and surrendering to it, it is something that is scary and feels very unsure.

So when we hit those moments of that rock, we end up kind of drowning ourselves and our vices and finding a way to hide from the struggle that is our story. Saying, it doesn’t matter this time. I’ll do it better next time. Or we can just catch up later. Well, the thing is, is Marcus Aurelius and countless other philosophers. They’ve asked themselves that same question that we ask ourselves today before we choose to hide things under a mask and find comfort within those voices. In that case the question is simply this right at this moment. I fear death because I wouldn’t be able to do this if your story meant that it was to end right now. You couldn’t do whatever it is that you’re doing to hide from the obstacles that you have to face all those different plot twists that are holding you back right now because you’d be forced to trade all that in, no matter where you are, and meet whatever lies on the other side of that door in that very exact moment. You wouldn’t be able to mask it. So if you bring that into the context of the moment, whatever obstacle that you may be trying to hide from, put it into that context. Think about it.

If I’m avoiding that obstacle because I’m not ready to deal with it, I’m fearing death. Because of what? Because I couldn’t put it off for another moment. And by doing so, you come to realize just how small each obstacle truly is. Because it really only sets within the moment that you’re in. But yet, when you leave it unfazed, it never truly goes away. You may be able to cover it up, you may be able to hide from it for a minute, but one day it’s going to be there. Staring you in the face because it never actually left you. And the reality is the fact that the only thing that’s ever going to fade away is you. One day you’ll close your eyes is and meet your end. Never ever having really lived a life worthy of looking back on. Because you held that one thing in front of you and you are afraid to face it. Now, we all know what deep down inside that’s not what we want. Which brings us back to our starting point. The one simple point that there is for

I just wanted to take one more more opportunity to thank you for tuning in. Being involved, being a part of the community, it means a lot to me. And I find it very mind blowing exactly where this whole project has led us. Now, with that said, as you know, I’ve moved into the guiding space of guiding others one on one in their healing journeys. So if these episodes of this podcast and the articles have helped you and you would like to or even inspired you and you’d like to build upon that, please reach out at projectmindflyoutdoors@gmail.com because I’m more than happy to guide you along as well. So until next time, thank you. Get out there in

the wild, because that’s where the stillness and the adventure lies. See you.

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