Are the lessons a fawn can teach us

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Episode 181

Step out into the woods on spring day there’s something around you. Natures next generation of woodland creatures. You might even have the enjoyment of coming across a fawn who’s mother left them to hide in the tall grass. Can you find the logic with the way a doe would hide her dawn in this way, why she carry’s on with her daily transactions ?

It’s to teach them the most basic of survival skills the art of self protection. Why the fawn comes into this world with the ability to move its limbs. It’s also born with the wisdom to survive but must be guided by its mother in order to learn the skills it will spend a life time honing and also using. Making the act of a mother leaving her fawn tucked away in the grass while she goes about filling her daily needs a perfectly normal action within nature.

Durning the time spent laying alone in the grass the fawn is allow to learn the ability to adapt to its surroundings. This is true for us as humans too. While we don’t send any phase of our lives tucked away in tall grass we do adapt and adjust our behaviors and patterns in response to our surroundings.

Instead of a developing a fear of predators we grow these responses to pain. Just the same as when a child touches a hot stove and burns their hand. They learn not to touch the hot stove because it cause pain. Of course we pick up on a number of these sort of triggers that serve us well through our lives.

Yet has we age and the world around us grows large around us those simple triggers get more complicated. It’s at this point that we begin to the sort of pains that grow into traumas. Which can steam from anywhere an unhealthy relationship, a car crash, war, or really any life changing event. At its most primal level the mind is wired to protect us.

It’s in that protection process that the mind builds this trigger and response system around whatever the event was. The more impactful the experience, the more extreme the system that gets built around it, or so is my experience.

It’s something that definitely can look different from person to person. The system it’s self is not the question. Since after all no two fawns would react in the exactly identical way to the sent of a coyote, none the less they will respond. This is too is so true of us. We all of those built in triggers that are shaped by our surrounding, all with same intent. To prevent the pain that put it there in the first place.

Why the common goal when the fawns react to the predatory sent there can only be two out comes. If the fawn responds in the correct manner she will survive. However if she reacts incorrectly she will quickly become the wolfs next meal.

The same is true for our response can be both healthy and serve us well in life. Then again they can be unhealthy and thus derail our life. It’s in this space that the challenge lays. When the triggers come at us wether prepared or not it can difficult to do this. However if the goal truly is to move into a healthy and for filling way of life. We must venture down the path of mindfulness.

This is practice of allowing ourselves to become aware when these triggers flair up. Then we must reach even further. We must accept those trauma that have happened to us with an understanding that while they may not have been caused of our own fault. None the less they have become weaved into our story, they are now a part of us. Still these things do rule us.

What lays beyond that first important step is to look deeply into how we react. Knowing firstly that by doing we are not putting ourselves at risk. We are only exploring our response in the space of shaping ourselves for the better. The real question we must ask is for us and us alone, no one need ever hear the answer but us. The reason for this is because it’s something only with our control.

The question you have to funnel those reactions with is this, are my reactions healthy and serving my goal? Or are they unhealthy and making the journey harder? It’s the launching point to build both healing and growth my friend.

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