Self Investment with Bri Tartaglione

Episode 182

Episode 182 is probably one of the best examples of one of the most important things we all could be doing more for ourselves. When I’m joined by Bri Tartaglione to explore the story of one of the most moving stories that I’ve had the privilege of walking through.

As the world was meeting the early stages of the pandemic Bri found herself in the hospital like many did. However she found herself meeting a different sort illness. In fact the condition Bri was up against would take away her ability to walk.

Between the time she first started feeling the physical effects the forces of nature where all ready hard at work. Because life was building on of the most difficult obstacles imaginable. The obstacle left Bri at a fork in the road. She could ether just accept her current state, and never walk again. Or she could endure the many challenges placed before her. By committing to a path that would hold many ups and downs along the way. Bri had decided to invest in herself. That investment led her to rebuild herself ground up. Ultimately for her 29th birthday however, she gave herself a birthday gift that she would treasure for the rest of her days. When she took her first steps.

Those steps would prove to be much more than just her physically moving her body for forward. Because they became the spring for Bri to walk into a world from a space that she could do the work of support and service. By applying her real life journey and the wisdom bestowed upon her, she is now helping others to invest in themselves.

You know, it’s a lesson has old as time itself tragedy serves to center and bring us back into the moment. Whether life pulls our number leaving us to regroup when it takes something away, or it’s someone we know. It might even come along in the form it as here, meeting someone who has walked through those woods. To remind us just how fragile everything in this world truly are.

You can have something, no matter what it is, only to be taken away at the drop of a hat. Yes it takes a toll on you emotionally, but what other option do you have put to carry on. So you have to ask yourself what dose carrying look like in the face of lost? How you chose to carry on and let it effect you is a decision we are always faced with. Why it’s hard to always remind yourself the glory lays within the investment to walk again with your head up. It’s story’s like this one that was so kind enough to not only share but build upon with by adding what she learned in the end that we can hold close to our hearts and celebrate when it’s time to step up to the tellers window.

I’d like to thank Bri for placing the coin of power in each of our hands that have gathered around the campfire. While we placed the talking stick in her hands in order to forge the token that sitting on our pocket. It is now our job to honor and celebrate the journey by investing that coin into ourselves.

In closing episode 182 with Bri Tartaglione is the sort of interview of time that you have been waiting for. Together we unlocked so many brilliant ideas to think and reflect about. I feel you owe it yourself to give it a listen and take from it the token Bri has to offer you. Use it now or store it away for the rainy day it’s now here for you to take with along your journey.

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