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As we reach out in the outdoor space in search of partners to help fuel our journey of expansion. We recently begun to forge a partnership with the folks at True Wild.

Having the opportunity to introduce you to there line of amazing products, is one that I am excited about just based on their based on their businesses model alone. Because they developed their products by putting boots on the ground, seeking out natures best ingredients and bringing them to you.

There’s a very important rule that Seneca spoke on many times, about how need to treat the body rigorously. In order to train it to follow and obey the mind.

Yet for all the truth in those words I would add this. We also need to take care of our body, treat it like temple that it is. After all is the house in which the soul live while we are here on this earth. Without keeping our body in tip top shape, none of the adventures we enjoy would be possible.

This is why it’s so important we are mindful of what we put into our body. That goes for everything from the food we eat to the supplements we add to our diets. Thats where True Wild comes in they offer a full line of top notch all natural supplements. That are bound to keep your body at it peak performance shape.

So as we raise the True Wild tent here at camp I encourage you to check out their full line of products, but then to the test yourself.

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