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Never complete a negative thought. At times it’s only natural to begin them, but you must never finish them. Our minds work in such a way, where it’s the goal of the mind to turn our thoughts into reality.

You must be mindful in any moment of your thoughts and ideas, because these are food for mind. Just how we nourish our bodies with the food we eat. The same is truly with of our thoughts. With nether we would cease to be. Since one or the other would have nothing to convert to energy.

Just how the saying “you are what you eat” was a phase to guide you to eat healthy. The same is true of your thoughts, the thoughts you think make up who you are.

To grow these changes within ourselves we must first give consideration to the thought we allow our mind to eat. This means we build a practice of examining and testing our thoughts. Write them down, speck them out loud, listen to how they sound coming, look at how they appear on the page, all of this will serve us to hone the dialogue we use both inside and out.

Thoughts are like seeds. They settle in and grow, building shoots and touching the course of our lives. There for we must be diligent in converting the soil that is our mind.

Wether you were conscious of it or not, those negative thought have been laying your path. Holding you down and building those wall you feel you believed you could not climb.

To gain that shift in the way you’ve been talking to yourself takes relinquishing your old ways of speech. It takes more than just letting go. Because to only let go is to still just hold on. Believing that you can revisit those maladaptive old habits. No different then to give a dear friend a physical object, thinking you still see and touch it when you visit their house. Up until that day while strolling past the window of a shop, only to see that once priced object for sale in the window.

It’s the moment that when, instead of rushing inside to throw your money down on the counter to reclaim that object. Instead you continue your walk while holding a light smile, that you have relinquished that once priced item. It’s finding the special blessing within that original act that warms your soul. The relinquishment of this old thinking pattern not only warms your heart in the same way, but it makes those obstacles shine down to something you can climb.

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