Songs of understanding with Daniel Moody

Episode 184

Today’s episode is one that really helps to build upon upon episode 183. Daniel Moody is a men’s coach who brings a very deep understanding to why we are how we are.

He really enjoys sitting that state of openness and vulnerability while presenting understanding. His understanding of the subject came from making a decision to no longer allow depression and anxiety to cripple his life any longer.

That decision made him get curious and look under the hood to figure out what was going. Through diving deep in growth and Philosophy among other things, he develop the strategies and tactics that he now shares with the guys he works with.

Being a father himself, Daniel and I spend a lot time within the space of fatherhood. Discussing how influential of a role we play in our children’s life. But we also dance around on the other side of that as well. Exploring how much our kids have to teach us in return.

I really think you’ll enjoy the deep and thought provoking song of understanding the path that Daniel and I wrote in this one. So check this one out and join the conversation by letting us know your thoughts.

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