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Episode 186

grayscale photo of people walking near building
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We recently revealed a new graphic that defines the mission of Project Mindfully Outdoors. Maybe you have already seen around, maybe not, ether way it’s quickly become the symbol for which our camp is built upon. It’s the four verticals that we warp the fabric of our teepee around.

It’s these four ideas that not only the project, but also my reality that I’ve built from the grown up. The serve as the way I’m able to find my North Star even on the darkest and stormiest night.

They came to be has a way to celebrate the space that I love so much, the outdoors have become my foundation. Things such as conversation and stewardship which has we have talked about many times are so important in the hunting and fishing space.

They too play a key role in this journey of healing. Because they consist of protecting and rebuilding. Through out the course of time thing came to breaking point. Where man was killing off the animals of the land while also destroying the habits in which they lived. It all came to head when we realized what was happening around us and we made the conscious decision to shift our practices. This was man’s first step forward into the space of education.

By bringing the theory of cause and effect into the wilderness that shift thought us to value protecting the resources of the land. We developed boundaries and best practices. This is where we can adapt the idea of stewardship into our daily life’s.

By understanding that all the stuff we experienced through out our time on earth, has shaped the way we interact with world around. While it’s us that decide how we react to any given stimuli. It’s the act of awareness and educating ourselves of our maladaptive tendencies the inter Stewart can lace their boots up. He or she can be called into action to place a fence or boundary around that situation. There for protecting us from acting in way that could put the larger picture at risk.

Which leads us to the ideas of conservation. It’s in both the spaces where we slip and act upon those ill reaction that the Stewart then picks up the shovel of repair. To act in a way that will show you the error of your way and allow you the grace in which to repair your surroundings and adjust them in way that could prevent any further damage being done.

I recently posed the question to you on our social media feeds, which of these two verticals means the most to you and why? While I’d love to hear your response and even walk through it with you in order to help you to fill understand it. More importantly I invite you to take those two pillars and make them a part of the mission state of your journey.

While we will explore and build those other tent poles on future episodes I feel these two are the gateway to walking the path to its fullest.


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