Circle Celebration

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Episode 189

The four points on a compass there are of course four directions. These directions of course indicate which direction we are walking. Which makes the compass such a brilliant aid along our journey. Since our goal is to find our true north and walk that trail to unlock all of life’s true treasures fate has laid out for us.

We say to ourselves that once we have all of those things and we get our life’s journey straight or start traveling our true north, we will never stray from it. Still even along that true path we will always find side trails. For a while we can fight the urge to explore what’s down those game trails. That is until we encounter one with what looks like such an enticing Valley we give in.

We do this even knowing these trails put us at risk of getting turned around. Yet it’s that little voice warning us in the back of mind that we ignore. The temptation pulls us in. Saying to ourselves it’s just a meters. I’ll never get lost because I know what the North Star looks like now, I can find my way back, and off we go navigating that path of risk coated in these old behaviors. Why is that? Why do we this time and time again?

If you picture the other direction marks to represent the process we need to unlock. I believe the secret to putting them truly to rest comes from taking the longer way around.

It starts before you ever take even that first or second step along the norther trail. Durning the planning stages of the hike. Because you can not firmly hold north without knowing the other direction points.

Alining your direction is something you do many times over throughout your life. This orientation is one that places the stick into the ground. This is the collecting of information via of feeling.

Start by turning your body to the western front. This is where roots of all those things we wish to shed lays. Your western front is a difficult one to feel into since it holds all the pain. There for you must know dig into the comment you took when you picked up the walking stick. Reach into backpack as you depart to pull out grace. Since it is here your going to be acknowledging all of traumas. Befriend yourself here, reassure yourself it’s ok.

Next your circle brings you into the south, this is where you shake hands with grief and death. There’s no need to fear those faces however. Since here in the land of the south is where the release begins.

The first hand you shook with that of death. Who’s hand remained extended waiting a gift, in return you be given a gift. The token he is awaiting is a collection of all those experiences you have lived, that left their wounds upon your soul. You see it’s the nature of death to bare and carry all that burden the soul. Once you have paid toll comes the boat ride across the lake. Once you come face to face with grief. It’s within those eyes where you find the flashlight that will lead you back to the circle. With it comes the bucket of release.

With the palm of death left so full there’s nothing left in your to hide from. Which leads to a fork in the trail. Shall you fill that bucket or not? Of course fate is hoping you will. As that bucket is filled cup you hold is the refilled, with the power to celebrate and remember all will help you along.

As this rejuvenates you, there’s the sound of a drum. In the blink of an eye your soul is turned east. The drums and the singing are the sounds of a celebration. Thought you gave so much to the hands of death, you even more. It’s freedom you feel. A freedom of joy. All of those wounds may have left scars, scars you may allows have to carry. It’s the joy that fills you with desire to honor and celebrate every step of the path, whether you remember it or not. Because it was each thing fate touched you with that make you who you are today.

Take your time through every step of the circle because the longer you linger, the strong your stride as you complete the body of the shape. Thus setting out north.

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